Terms of ordering

Updated 3.6.2024.

General terms

By accepting these terms, the purchaser consents to the processing of personal data as described in the privacy statement.

We do not share your contact information with others, we only use it to deliver your order and manage your customer relationship.

Peonies sold on our website

All the peonies sold on our website are manually potted plants located in our nursery in Taivassalo.

Our annual selection is first on pre-sale during the winter season. Orders are sent in May when the plants have started to grow. In the spring and summer, we sell the same peonies with fast deliveries. In the fall, stems are cut down in preparation for winter.

We reserve the right to change the selection and prices during the season, but in general new peonies are added and prices updated only annually.

Only in specifically reported situations do we sell bare-rooted peonies. If the peonies for sale were bare-rooted it would be stated clearly in the product pages.

Delivery terms – Finland

Delivery of peonies

From June to October the delivery time for peonies is max 2 weeks. We often send peonies from Taivassalo much faster.

Delivery to the nearest or desired Matkahuolto pick-up point or to your door. Current price for delivery is calculated automatically and writtenin tables below.

The delivery cost includes the packaging costs of the peonies and materials, as well as the insured, careful transportation of plants. Finnish VAT is also included in the prices of items sold. No additionals fees are applied.

Delivery for orders over € 200 is free of charge, this will be calculated automatically in the cart.

We will send you a new email when we start handling your order here in Taivassalo. Matkahuolto notifies you when the order can be picked up or agrees with you on home delivery. (About Homedelivery)

Delivery prices in Finland – Subject to change

Home of Peonies 2024Matkahuolto Service point / Home Delivery
Presale orders*– 31.5.202422 € / 29 €
Addition to previous presale order**0 €
Pick-up from Taivassalo* / Specified event*0 €
Summer delivery***1.6. – 31.8.202427 € / 34 €
Autumn delivery****1.9.2024 – 12 € / 19 €

Prices include VAT.

Presale orders are delivered in May (starting 1.5.). If you pre-order and choose pick-up, your should collect your order from Taivassalo before the end of May. We can also bring your pre-ordered peonies to a sales event in May. In the summer, starting from June, you should pick up your peonies within a week from ordering.

** If you wish to make additional orders, you don’t need to pay for transport multiple times. Please tell us the details of your previous order in the order details of your new order.

*** Peony plants grow quickly. Packaging costs in the summer are increased.

**** In the fall, peonies are delivered cut-down. In special occasions, we might sell bare-rooted peonies, but this would be stated clearly in the product pages.

Small products:

Matkahuolto XXS parcel to Service point 6€ or to Mailbox 8€.

Pickup from Taivassalo or from an event

When you choose pickup as the delivery method, you only pay for the peonies.

Pickup from Taivassalo:

Pickup from Taivassalo must be picked up within a week (7 days) from the order date. For winter season preorders pickup has to be made in May.

After this time, we cannot guarantee that the specific variety you ordered would still be available.

Pickup from an event:

You can see a list of our upcoming events on our Finnish homepage (pioni.fi).

For sales events in the spring and summer, we will add a delivery option to the checkout page about 2 weeks before the event. During the busiest season, we cannot reserve individual peonies for longer than this.

Other products

A small product (peony earrings) is sent as a safe and trackable Matkahuolto XXS package. When ordering peonies, too, the earrings will be delivered in the same package as the peonies.

Gift card will be delivered immediately via e-mail after payment, or at the date chosen when ordering.

The gift card is valid from the date of order to the end of the year, and it can be used as a gift card code in the online store or by showing the gift card (e-mail) in our garden or at a sales event.

Delivery to Åland

In our online store, prices include Finnish standard 24% VAT. If you want a tax-free invoice, please place an order by e-mail: pioni@pionienkoti.fi

Delivery terms – Sweden / Baltic states

You can expect to receive your pre-ordered peonies towards the later half of May 2024. During the normal season, delivery time for peonies is max 2 weeks starting annually in May. We often send peonies from Taivassalo much faster, but delivery takes a few days more than for our national transports. Orders will be shipped from Taivassalo on Mondays for a quick trip across the sea during the weekdays.

The prices of our peonies include VAT at the Finnish tax rate (24%). All orders over € 200 have free delivery.

The delivery price (stated below and calculated automatically in cart) includes all the packaging costs of the peonies packed with special care for the international trip. Transportation of your order is handled by Matkahuolto in Finland, PostNord in Sweden and Omniva in Estonia. Delivery is to a pick-up point of your choice by the service provider. Delivery time after we ship the plants is 2 – 5 days.

Tall stems (over 55 cm) may need to be folded / cut to fit the package. In the long run, this has little effect on the vitality of the peony. We will send you a new email about the delivery when we start packing your order.

PostNord / Omniva will notify you when your order can be picked up.

Delivery prices for 2023 in Sweden and the Baltic states – Subject to change

Delivery prices abroadDelivery to a pick-up point of your choosing
Presale orders*– 31.5.202330 €
Addition to previous presale order**0 €
Summer Delivery 1.6. – 31.8.202335 €
Autumn Delivery 1.9.2023 – 24 €

* Presale orders are delivered in May (starting 1.5.2023).

** If you wish to make additional orders, you don’t need to pay for transport multiple times. Please tell us the details of your previous order in the order details of your new order.

*** Peony plants grow quickly. Packaging costs in the summer are increased.

**** In the fall, peonies are delivered cut-down. In special occasions, we might sell bare-rooted peonies, but this would be stated clearly in the product pages.

Cancelling your order / warranty

The consumer has the right to cancel their online store purchase up to 14 days after delivery. Please contact us.

We follow the plant purchase safety condition recommended by Viherympäristöliitto (Taimistoviljelijät ry), according to which the growth start guarantee for our plants is valid for 45 days from the delivery date. A reclamation must be made before the end of this warranty period. ( taimistoviljelijat.fi/ostoturvaehdot )

We adhere to peony variety authenticity.

In the case of peonies, the blooming during the first couple of years can differ from the blooming of the final, full grown peony. The shape of a flower can be different and the shades can vary. Sometimes, however, the peony blooms in a distinctly different way than it should. If the peony you have purchased (with documentation of purchase) is not the right variety, we will replace you with a new peony of the correct variety, if the stock situation allows it. This replacement does not include freight costs, only the new correct peony plant. Please contact us.

Payment Gateways


Payment methods

The payment service is provided by Verifone Finland Oy (0943819-9). Verifone Finland Oy is a payment institution licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Payment transactions are carried out in Verifone Finland Oy’s secure payment environment. The recipient of the most common online banking, card and other payments is Verifone Finland Oy, which forwards the payments to the merchant. With regard to other payment methods, Verifone Finland Oy acts as an intermediary for payment transaction information, in which case (company name) appears as the recipient of the payment.

For payment-related questions, you can contact Verifone:

Verifone Finland Oy
Vantaankoskentie 14
01670 Vantaa
Customer service: 020 753 5192

You can pay in the online store with the following payment methods:

All Finnish online bank payments: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Säästöpankki, Aktia, Oma Säästöpankki, POP Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki and Ålandsbanken.

Visa and Mastercard card families: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit, Mastercard Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro and Eurocard.

Mobile payment methods

Transfer, MobilePay and Apple Pay mobile payment methods.

Information security for online payments

We use a secure SSL-encrypted connection when processing credit card and other order information. We do not store credit card information in our information systems, but they are processed and stored in Verifone’s secure PCI DSS certified system.


In addition to Verifone, you can now use the payment service offered by PayPal to its users, as well as card payments processed by PayPal without registration. https://www.paypal.com/

Terms for PayPal Non-Account Checkout

  1. PayPal’s Non-Account Checkout service is provided to on-line merchants by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. which is authorised and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg.
  2. This service allows on-line merchants to sell goods or services to on-line consumers who do not hold a PayPal account. It involves PayPal issuing to the on-line merchant a sum of electronic money equivalent to the amount of the purchase when PayPal receives funds from the consumer. That electronic money is then paid to the on-line merchant’s PayPal account as payment for goods or services being purchased.
  3. PayPal will not open a PayPal account for you when you pay us and we issue electronic money to on-line merchants. PayPal will keep the information you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy to (1) allow payments to be made in this way in the future, (2) enable us to monitor the use of PayPal Non-Account Checkout for risk management and compliance purposes and (3) make it easier for you to open a PayPal account in the future.
  4. PayPal will monitor the number and amount of transactions when you pay us and we issue electronic money to on-line merchants. If these transactions are regular, we may require you to open a PayPal account with us. At this point you will need to enter into our standard user agreement to govern your newly-created relationship with us.
  5. You should note that PayPal Non-Account Checkout does not entitle you to the benefits of having a PayPal account. You will not be eligible to take advantage of our Buyer Protection Policy or any other benefits which we offer under the user agreement. You may have additional rights through your agreement with your credit or debit card issuer.

Billing fee

For orders placed outside our online store (e-mail / phone order), we will add a billing fee of € 5.00.

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