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Hello friends in other countries

Pionien Koti (Home of Peonies) is a family operated nursery in South-Western corner of Finland specialized in peonies.  We are located 50 km from the nearest airport and harbour in the city of Turku.  Our list of species and varieties is today one of the widest in Europe.  We sell growing peonies in containers on Garden Fairs, to garden centers, through this net shop and directly from our nursery.  

We have created a nice display garden of peonies here in Taivassalo.  Here you can see peonies blooming starting with early botanical species around mid-May and ending with late lactifloras and Itoh- hybrids.  We get many peony enthusiasts visiting us by bus or smaller groups.  You are most welcome to visit us and see the peonies blooming, best time being around end of June, depending on the summer´s warmth of course.  At the peak season we are open daily.


P. mairei starts up the blooming season usually in mid May.  Followed by other species, like P. anomala


The peak at the blooming is usually by end of June or early July.  Greatly depending on the warmth of the spring.

Looking from abroad we are located a little “behind the corner” and our language is “exotic”.  At the moment we cannot translate all our pages in English but you are welcome to contact us by e-mail in English or Swedish.

On the section Net Shop Verkkokauppa you will find in alphabetical order in own groups or you can search peonies by its name.

Paeonia lactifloras (Kiinanpionit)
Hybrids (Hybridit)
P. x festiva (Tarhapioni-hybridit)
Itoh hybridis (Itoh–hybridit)
Botanical species (Luonnonlajit)

If you are interested in anything, please contact us, and we will tell you the availability and our possibilities to make a shipment to you.

Hussintie 15
23310 Taivassalo
e-mail: pioni@pionienkoti.fi    phone +358 2 8414838